Working at Deutsche Börse Group

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Employees benefit from a number of individual training options, thus improving the company’s efficiency and effectiveness. New employees are given a comprehensive overview of Deutsche Börse Group within the scope of introductory events.

Work-life balance

Specific courses to promote health and wellbeing are central to the company’s work-life balance programme. Employees are also made aware of health aspects in order to achieve a better balance between work and leisure.

Job rotation

Horizontal career moves promote employees’ mutual understanding and ongoing development. This is facilitated by job rotation options for employees and executives.

Parents’ needs

We offer flexible solutions regarding working hours and locations, which are adjusted to meet the individual needs and family circumstances of our employees. There is a parent-child office available at several locations for employees with children requiring care. Frankfurt offers its own childcare service for short-term emergencies.


Mentoring makes it easier for new employees to get off to a good start at Deutsche Börse Group. Experienced staff members assist them in networking beyond their own department, and offer a comprehensive cross-divisional understanding of the company. The “New Role” mentoring programme makes it easier for colleagues to take on a new management role.

Book club

Employees are invited to talk about their favourite book. Group discussions about the works of literary fiction lead to a more in-depth understanding and often reveal surprising insights.

Lunch dating tool

Groups of employees selected at random from different departments have lunch together. The lunch dating tool allows employees to get to know the work done in other departments and teams, on a personal level.

Promoting women

Deutsche Börse Group views the promotion of women as a strategic task, and offers various tools for this purpose – such as network events and training sessions (see also the chapter “Non-financial key performance indicators” in the combined management report).

Lunchtime forums

Strengthening the exchange of views among colleagues and enhancing inward transparency are the strategic goals of the training and information format for employees during lunch time. The topics concern the working environment in general and important projects of the individual departments.

Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse Group combined its commitment to transmitting, promoting and collecting art in the non-profit Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation. Employees are afforded regular guided tours to view the latest art collection directly at their place of work.

Top Management Dialogue

Deutsche Börse Group managers come together to hold intensive talks, where they focus above all on overarching issues and significant strategic initiatives.

Employee commitment

Deutsche Börse Group promotes the social commitment of its employees worldwide. For instance, volunteers from Frankfurt gave pupils the opportunity to gain an insight into the economy. Staff in London helped maintain a park, and Singapore employees painted together with a group of special-needs youth. This is only a snapshot of the wide variety of actions taken last year.

Figures as at 31 December 2016

5,176 members of staff are employed by Deutsche Börse Group.

Our corporate culture has been enhanced by 760 new employees who joined since 2016.

Employees by region

Germany: 43%
Luxembourg: 21%
Czech Republic: 15%
Ireland: 6%
Others: 15%

Age structure by gender

  Women Men
<30 380 379
30–39 866 1,077
40–49 561 985
>50 289 639

Age structure by location

  Germany Luxembourg
<30 274 104
30–39 673 270
40–49 704 475
>50 575 227