The value of data

Market Data + Services has been one of Deutsche Börse Group’s reliable growth areas for years. Its range of products and services comprises indices, market data (including real-time data), analytical data streams, regulatory data, as well as IT infrastructure and trading platforms. Given stable demand and the ongoing trend of digitisation, a provider has every reason to be content. However, this area in particular is also especially dynamic, as technical opportunities and client requirements are changing rapidly.

Konrad Sippel

heads Deutsche Börse Group’s recently created Content Lab.

“Data improves our products.”

Deutsche Börse created its Content Lab in mid-2016: a “laboratory” which is not designed to develop any concrete products. “We are the research department within Deutsche Börse Group’s Market Data + Services segment,” says Konrad Sippel, Head of the Content Lab. “We are looking for solutions which are not directly driven by specific client requests – that is something other departments are already doing very successfully” (see chapter “Post-trading services”). The Lab provides a space to work on new things – beyond incremental improvements to existing solutions – to anticipate customer needs and requirements and try them out without any “self-imposed censorship”.

True innovation

Unexpected products

The value of data – for markets

Long-term perspectives