Keeping an eye on everything

Looking beyond boundaries, thinking outside the box, seeing the big picture – easier said than done. But how exactly do you do this? Deutsche Börse Group looks in all directions, all the time.

In touch with the business

Sustainable business provides a major contribution to a company’s ongoing success. Sustainability is thus not just something that is “nice to have”, but a key part of the business. In order to maximise the potential of our own sustainability profile, we established the Group Sustainability Board in 2016: its 16 members – from all parts of the enterprise – contribute their expertise in order to further enhance Deutsche Börse Group’s sustainability performance along the entire value chain. The Board convenes twice a year, to discuss opportunities and risks related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. The Group Sustainability Board advises the Executive Board; it also develops new business concepts based on sustainability – discussing issues such as a code of conduct for employees or an infrastructure for sustainable investments. These concepts are reviewed from all angles. This is also evident in the corporate report: we have been pursuing the concept of integrated reporting since 2012. ESG parameters are not shown in a separate annex – instead, they form an integral part within all sections of the report, demonstrating their interconnection with traditional financial reporting.

Sustainability key figures

The importance of so-called ESG information (details concerning environmental, social and governance aspects) has been increasing since the financial crisis of 2008, as part of the comprehensive assessment and medium- to long-term forecasts of entrepreneurial performance. Various stakeholder groups – investors, clients, analysts, and not least regulators – increasingly insist that companies disclose ESG opportunities and risks relevant to their core business, besides traditional key financial indicators. This means that reporting enterprises are required to keep an eye on the impact of their entrepreneurial actions across the entire value chain, and to provide a holistic view of their work.

Pooled client service

When it is about providing state-of-the-art products and services to clients, holistic thinking and acting are essential aspects: given the plethora of different issues along the value chain in the securities business, multiple business areas ensure that knowledge does not disappear – and that synergies are created across the entire organisational structure, and used in the interest of clients. This is why we have pooled product development, sales and marketing in matrix structures: they are key to providing new, integrated solutions.

Likewise, we have bundled our client services across the Group, in Group Client Services & Administration, headed by Berthold Kracke. This means that new and existing clients will obtain all the services – trading, clearing, post-trading, custody, as well as market data – from a single source. Group Client Key Account Management maintains clients across all divisions. It is all about client focus: rather than business divisions setting the pace, business is driven by what clients actually need. What are their requirements? In which way should their accounts be structured? Which trading memberships and what technical connections are necessary – and what is dispensable? Together with clients, Key Account Managers and the Group Client Middle Office analyse client needs, and define the specifications of the requisite technology. “Key Account Managers have profound product-specific knowledge – this is essential for offering clients the right solution. These experts exchange information, allowing clients to reap the benefits of knowledge from all areas,” says Berthold Kracke. At the same time, the division’s Group Client Middle Office supports clients with detailed knowledge of processes and regulations – during the onboarding process as well as during regular operations. It handles specific client requests – such as fee reporting, technical connectivity, or price lists – across the Group.

Personal contacts – fast and competent assistance

Each client of Deutsche Börse Group has specified contact persons, via clearly defined communication channels: in this way, we implement client services – effectively, and at all times. For instance, more than 100 staff members attend to more than 18,000 client requests every month, around the clock. Whenever necessary, additional experts are being involved in a targeted manner in order to swiftly deal with specific issues. After each instance of contact, every client is given the opportunity to indicate whether they are satisfied with the service provided – and once a year, a comprehensive survey is conducted.

So how does the Group-wide support concept resonate with clients? “We have had a lot of positive feedback. In fact, sometimes we can even help clients improve their internal processes, because we have a comprehensive overview and can adopt an external perspective. This is very valuable indeed,” explains Kracke. “Thanks to the restructuring, we are able to offer our services as a package across the entire Group. Our newly composed international teams secure visible successes, which are immediately noticeable to clients,” Kracke summarises. “This is something we are proud of.”