As a diversified exchange organisation, Deutsche Börse Group’s products and services cover the entire value chain in the financial services sector. Its business areas range from the admission of securities to listing, through trading, clearing and settlement to custody services for securities and other financial instruments along with collateral and liquidity management. Additionally, the Group provides IT services, indices and market data worldwide. We have divided our products and services into nine groups, as follows.

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1 Pre-IPO and listing
2 Trading
3 Clearing
4 Settlement
5 Custody
6 Collateral and liquidity management
7 Market data
8 Indices
9 Technology
Pre-IPO and listing

Start-up companies often enter into a decisive phase when their business requires liquid funds in order to boost their market profile and to expedite growth. It is specifically for companies in this phase that Deutsche Börse launched Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. In addition, Deutsche Börse invests in attractive fintech companies via DB1 Ventures. An IPO (initial public offering) on the stock exchange marks a company’s debut on the capital market. When they list at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, companies of all kinds and sizes – SMEs or large enterprises, domestic or international – can raise equity or debt capital. Investors may participate in the growth of the real economy – promoting it at the same time by providing capital.

Our brands: Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Börse Venture Network®, DB1 Ventures, Börse Frankfurt


Deutsche Börse Group operates regulated markets for equities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), bonds and numerous other products for the two trading venues Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt. The Group also facilitates trading of derivatives – i.e. contracts derived from other assets or reference values (including equities, indices, German and European government bonds, foreign exchange or commodities), which are traded on its electronic T7® platforms. These also include a variety of products of the European Energy Exchange, which include not only energy (e.g. electricity) but also energy-related products (e.g. emission allowances) as well as commodity products (e.g. agricultural products). 360T operates an off-exchange (over-the-counter, OTC) trading platform for financial instruments such as foreign exchange, money market or interest rate products. Additionally, 360T provides platform solutions for closed user groups.

Our brands: Xetra®, Börse Frankfurt, Tradegate, Eurex®, European Energy Exchange, 360T®


Eurex Clearing AG and European Commodity Clearing AG, Deutsche Börse Group’s clearing houses, act as partner to each buyer and each seller to minimise credit default risk. In this manner, we reduce risk positions and achieve financing and capital efficiency gains for our customers. These benefits – along with the regulators’ intent to boost clearing via central counterparties (CCPs) – make CCP clearing both an anchor of stability and a vital component of the financial services industry. Deutsche Börse Group offers efficient clearing for derivatives, securities and securities financing transactions as well as foreign-exchange and commodity transactions.

Our brands: Eurex Clearing, European Commodity Clearing


Following trading and clearing, settlement involves the accurate booking of individual items, with the exchange of securities against money. The correct booking of securities transactions to individual client securities accounts also takes place during this process. Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group’s provider of post-trading services, is responsible for efficient global securities settlement.

Our brands: Clearstream, LuxCSD, REGIS-TR


Once assets have been settled correctly, they are held in safe custody. Clearstream administers assets throughout the period for which they are held, offering services such as the handling of corporate actions and dividend payments – across all types of securities. Moreover, comprehensive reporting and the segregation of collateral margins allow market participants to efficiently comply with their regulatory obligations.

Our brands: Clearstream, LuxCSD

Collateral and liquidity management

Through Clearstream’s Global Liquidity Hub, Deutsche Börse Group offers financial institutions optimal collateral and liquidity management. Due to its links to depository banks, trading platforms, central counterparties and other national central securities depositories, the open architecture provides real-time access to a rich pool of liquidity.

Our brands: Clearstream, Eurex Repo®

Market data

Private and institutional investors make decisions based on market data, creating new information in turn. Deutsche Börse’s most prominent data products include (real-time) price data generated from its various trading systems, as well as historical market data, plus analytical indicators from trading at its cash and derivatives exchanges.

Our brand: Deutsche Börse


Through STOXX Ltd., Deutsche Börse Group disseminates indices tracking markets around the world. The index families are differentiated by country, region, product type, investment theme or strategy; customised indices facilitate tailor-made market analysis in real-time. Among the Group’s benchmark products are the EURO STOXX 50® index and the DAX® index, which track the performance of the 50 industry-leading companies in the eurozone and the 30 largest German companies, respectively.

Our brands: STOXX®, DAX®


Resilient, state-of-the-art IT systems provide the foundation for virtually all capital markets services. Deutsche Börse Group develops and operates IT systems for trading and clearing as well as for settlement, custody and market data services.

Our brands: Deutsche Börse, 7 Market Technology®: C7®, F7®, M7®, N7®, T7®