Financial Report

Share price development of Deutsche Börse AG and benchmark indices in 2015


You can download a complete version of Deutsche Börse Group’s “Annual 2015” or the “Financial report 2015”. These PDF files contain cross-links for quick reference. Or you can download individual chapters as PDF files. These files do not contain cross-links. We also provide ten Excel files with various figures.

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Consolidated income statement XLS (133 KB)
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income XLS (132 KB)
Consolidated balance sheet XLS (159 KB)
Consolidated cash flow statement XLS (55 KB)
Consolidated statement of changes in equity XLS (54 KB)
Basis of consolidation XLS (108 KB)
Segment reporting XLS (126 KB)
Ten-year review XLS (73 KB)
Employee key figures XLS (52 KB)
Corporate responsibility key figures XLS (53 KB)
Annual 2015 PDF (1 MB)
Financial report 2015 PDF (3.7 MB)
Combined management report PDF (1.8 MB)
Consolidated financial statements PDF (702 KB)
Notes PDF (1.5 MB)
Key figures PDF (592 KB)
GRI Index PDF (432 KB)
Letter from the CEO PDF (645 KB)
Executive and Supervisory Boards PDF (663 KB)
Report of the Supervisory Board PDF (739 KB)
Fundamental information about the Group PDF (799 KB)
Report on economic position PDF (924 KB)
Report on post-balance sheet date events PDF (690 KB)
Non-financial key performance indicators PDF (734 KB)
Risk report PDF (820 KB)
Report on opportunities PDF (714 KB)
Report on expected developments PDF (698 KB)
Disclosures based on the HGB PDF (708 KB)
Remuneration report PDF (793 KB)
Corporate governance declaration PDF (690 KB)
Corporate governance report PDF (634 KB)