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Financing the future

Young, innovative companies usually need venture capital to boost their growth momentum following the start-up phase – even before they can contemplate an IPO. Compared to other markets, in Germany there is a gap between supply and demand for this type of financing.


People developing innovative business ideas need lots of stamina – and the necessary capital. Start-up companies often enter into a decisive phase when their business requires a good deal of liquid funds in order to boost their market profile and to expedite growth. It is specifically for these companies that Deutsche Börse launched its Venture Network – an exclusive online platform where investors and entrepreneurs can establish contacts. Within the scope of tailored events, they have the opportunity to get to know each other personally, thereby potentially opening channels for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their business. Specific training courses are also available, where entrepreneurs can acquire the requisite capital markets know-how.

Pre-IPO growth is a business area of Deutsche Börse Group.

Launched in June 2015, the Deutsche Börse Venture Network sets out to close this gap by facilitating later-stage capital-raising as well as IPOs. Via a protected, web-based online platform, it provides access to a network of national and international investors. Moreover, start-up entrepreneurs are provided with a choice of targeted training offers to ensure they are ready to meet capital markets requirements.


Deutsche Börse Group’s capital market activities start in the pre-IPO market, where the Group brings together “real-economy” businesses with investors. The next step occurs when a company is ready to go public: its presence on the stock exchange starts with the exchange listing. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange allows companies of all kinds and sizes to raise equity or debt capital – SMEs or large enterprises, domestic or international. Investors may participate in the growth of the real economy – promoting it at the same time by providing capital.

Pre-IPO and Listing is a business area of Deutsche Börse Group.

At the end of 2015, Deutsche Börse Venture Network already had more than 150 members. The 52 registered companies include online shops such as Fashionette, or financial provider Kreditech – but also biotechnology companies such as Proteros or Protagen. The list of 111 participating investors comprises specialist venture capital providers or private equity houses, as well as large investment fund managers and family offices.