From left: Andreas Preuss, Gregor Pottmeyer, Carsten Kengeter, Hauke Stars, Jeffrey Tessler

status - The Executive Board

"A new structure – to build the global market infrastructure provider of choice"
Our ambition

Carsten Kengeter

Chief Executive Officer

Define and execute Deutsche Börse Group’s growth strategy across the value chain, creating a group that is truly one, and enabling a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and superior customer service

Drive the essentials of well-functioning markets with our technology, data and new asset class portfolio – safety, integrity, efficiency and innovation

Andreas Preuss

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, responsible for IT & Operations, Data & New Asset Classes

Gregor Pottmeyer

Chief Financial Officer

Contribute to the growth strategy of the Group through sophisticated financial, risk and compliance controls with a focus on creating value for our shareholders

Establish new opportunities in our European cash market business, with an active role in growth financing and by establishing a leading pre-IPO marketplace

Hauke Stars

responsible for Cash Market, Pre-IPO and Growth Financing

Jeffrey Tessler

responsible for Clients, Products & Core Markets

Design the right solutions across all asset classes – equity, index, fixed-income, FX, commodities, funds – to create growth opportunities tailored to customers