On the year 2016 and prospects
for Deutsche Börse Group

“We need ecosystems which foster innovation, growth and jobs – here in Germany and in Europe as a whole. Deutsche Börse Group is contributing significantly in this regard.”

Carsten Kengeter, CEO



Deutsche Börse Group at a glance

From pre-IPO to custody


One year of Accelerate

Benefits, results, prospects



Central and direct – safety included


Post-trading services

Three CSDs under one roof


Key figures

Just the facts


Our share in 2016

Starting 18 June 2016, the data shown refer to tendered shares (ISIN DE000A2AA253).

Financing the economy

We get it done


Technology and the market of the future

Talking about digitisation


Integrated thinking

How we tackle projects


The value of data

A look into the Content Lab



We aim to ensure that young and highly innovative providers experience Deutsche Börse as a fast-acting and competent partner. As the technology market leader in the financial services sector we will build upon our track record and shape its future.

Ankur Kamalia, Head of Venture Portfolio Management
Olga Wenge, Group Compliance Officer


An alternative for Europe

What Europe needs to do now


Energy trading in Europe

New asset classes and services


Regulation from A to Z

Transparency, security, accountability


Opportunities and expectations

The exchange of tomorrow


360-degree feedback

A tool put into practice


Working at Deutsche Börse Group

Focus on corporate culture


Our Executive Board

Setting the course


Our Supervisory Board

Assuming responsibility

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